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Zuma slammed for allegedly reporting in person to ‘handlers’ the Guptas

SA – Reports on social media claim the president went to Saxonwold with a 17-car motorcade on Friday night.

Reports that President Jacob Zuma and his enormous government motorcade visited the Gupta home in Saxonwold have unleashed a torrent of criticism.

It was reported that Zuma’s 17-car blue-light motorcade shamelessly checked in at the compound in Saxonwold, north Johannesburg, on Friday night.

Journalist Justice Malala has speculated that the visit to the family was to report on how the ANC’s national executive committee meeting had gone.

A 17-car blue light motorcade has just left Saxonwold. It means #JacobZumahas just been to report to the #Guptas on how the #ANCNEC went.

— Justice Malala (@justicemalala) July 28, 2017

Many concluded that the Gupta family may be upset that Eskom CFO Anoj Singh, who has strong links to them, has been suspended.

Although many users on Twitter were outraged at the news, some asked for proof of the motorcade, and found it suspicious that no photos or videos have allegedly been made available.

In case you were in any doubt as to where the President’s priorities lie. https://t.co/P3Sr4gr1nd

— Karyn Maughan (@karynmaughan) July 28, 2017

Former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa said he’d also noticed Zuma’s motorcade.

Saw them too

— Mbhazima Shilowa (@Enghumbhini) July 28, 2017

He went there to pick up supper. Nothing untoward pic.twitter.com/ess9ZxlNil

— Martino (@MartinoVivieri) July 28, 2017

Maybe he went to water the garden and feed the fishes😜

— Ana smith (@Anatennisstar) July 28, 2017

@justicemaIala I sense Wholesale evacuation plans pic.twitter.com/u2UXOZXG51

— Khemipress (@khemipress) July 28, 2017

a midnight cabinet reshuffle due?

— justme (@marcodv69) July 28, 2017

Omg 😲 this guys is the pits has no morals and the ANC protects him still

— Cliff (@CfFilander) July 29, 2017

Are there pics or videos of this? Do share to stop doubt.

— Moeletsi (@moeletsi_z) July 29, 2017

I saw them too. And thought the very same thing. #Zuma is reporting into President Athul Gupta.

— Shaun Balliah (@Shaun_Balliah) July 28, 2017

You got it all wrong…..Zuma was summoned by the corrupt Guptas to explain why their Eskom ATM pin was changed by removing Anoj Singh!

— Gupta Cadre (@lamavuca) July 28, 2017

Zuma is under serious micro management by this family ,when will this end Mara serious?

— Adv Oscar Mudimeli (@andisaoscar) July 28, 2017

because 18 cars would just be showing off

— David Mo Motsamayi (@CrimAtt1) July 28, 2017


— Siza Mgabadeli (@siza_dhladhla) July 28, 2017

6h ago @MYANC tweets this, few hours later Zuma is visiting the Guptas, unbelievable !!! pic.twitter.com/zlqUEAIxXK

— KEUNG (@Keung27) July 28, 2017


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